Enrichment Excursions

Thursday, April 19th

San Antonio's Westside: Tejano Art, Culture, and History - Sold Out!
Explore San Antonio’s Westside and witness its Tejano/Mexican-American influences, to include: art – murals, theatre, related organizations, cuisine, history, and relatable geographical areas.
Bus departs at 8:00 am, returns at 12:30 pm.

Fort Sam Houston: U.S. Army Medical Deparment Museum
The U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) was formed on July 27, 1775.  Since that date, much has transpired to make AMEDD the world-class organization that it is today. Established in 2010, the mission of the AMEDD Center of History and Heritage (ACHH) to educate, inspire, and promote esprit de corps is supported by the collection and preservation of documents in an accessible archive and by exhibiting and interpreting artifacts.  ACHH provides historical context to aid senior leaders' decision-making through research services, publications, speakers, and educational programming.
The AMEDD museum tells the 240-plus year history of the AMEDD, starting in 1775, through the emphasis of battlefield medicine, patient evacuation, the evolution of equipment, and the medical care and treatment of patients.  Occupying seven acres of grounds, the Museum includes the main building, a restored hospital train car, two pergolas containing wheeled ambulances and helicopters, a Medal of Honor Walk, and a 250-seat outdoor amphitheater.  This excursion will include a tour of the museum and a workshop on how to take living-history and artifacts into the classroom with this presentation on early 19th century medicine.

Bus departs at 8:45 am, returns at 12:15 pm.

San Antonio Walking Tour - Sold Out!
The San Antonio Walks History tour gives a rare perspective of the Alamo from the vantage point of the city's early communities. Few know how each played a key role in the "Battle of the Alamo" and affected other important events in history as well. This will be shown from where these noteworthy events actually took place.
You'll find this unique approach fascinating as it brings to life and deepens your understanding of the famous battle like no other tour. Meanwhile, you won't miss out on the amazingly rich history of San Antonio, which has made its mark on history in ways sure to surprise you!
Group departs at 9:00 am, returns at 11:00 am.

Using DBQ's to Engage Students in Authentic Historical Inquiry
The DBQ Project was created to help teachers help students at ALL grade levels read with understanding, think straight, and write clearly. Our engaging questions and use of primary and secondary sources give students the opportunity to investigate history from a variety of perspectives, supporting discussion and debate as students clarify their own ideas and write evidence-based arguments. Highlighting our unit on Sam Houston – “What Was Sam Houston’s Most Heroic Decision?” – participants will gain a solid overview of The DBQ Project materials and understand how our resources and pedagogy aligns with current emphases in history education.  Presented by Keith Hyndshaw and Tyler Adams.  
Workshop starts at 1:00 pm, ends at 5:00 pm.

King William History & Architecture - Sold Out!
Mark Twain declared San Antonio, “one of the four unique cities in the US,” referring to the confluence of cultures shaping its character. In the mid-late 1800's, immigrants from Germany experienced success as business leaders. They used the wealth created by these endeavors to build lavish homes within an enclave they named in honor of King Wilhelm I, of Prussia - known today as the King William District and Texas’ 1st Historic Neighborhood. Come and explore its history and the unique architecture these homes exhibit along with fascinating stories of its influential and interesting denizens. Along this shady stroll, you'll also enjoy some lovely and rarely seen River Views!
Group departs at 1:00 pm, returns at 4:15 pm.

San Antonio Missions - Sold Out!
Did you know the San Antonio Missions have recently attained World Heritage Status with UNESCO? It is the sole entity in all of Texas to be honored with this designation!
The tour will visit all four of the outer-lying Missions (San Jose, Concepcion, San Juan Capistrano and Espa) and the Espada Dam, Acequia & Aqueduct.   During this informational tour, you’ll learn that each Mission offers something that is unique and different from the others even if their premise is the same.
Bus departs at 1:30 pm, returns at 5:00 pm.

Saturday, April 21st

San Antonio River Walk Cruise - Sold Out!
Wrap up the 2018 NCHE Conference with an unforgettable experience on the San Antonio River that reflects the sights, wonders and culture of the unique city. This guided tour will allow you to experience the soul of San Antonio. 
Group departs at 3:45 pm, returns at 5:00 pm.

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