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Being a member of NCHE demonstrates support for the movement to ensure that historical thinking is a part of every education. Members also receive access to monthly newsletters and archives, in addition to a range of special offers.  

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Join teachers, historians, and university faculty for two days devoted to history education! NCHE's conference is a place where historical thinkers can come together and share their passion for teaching and learning.

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Attendee Testimonials for NCHE's National Conference:

  • This conference offers innumerable opportunities to connect with people who care deeply about teaching history. I came away energized and feeling positive about my choice of profession.
  • I love attending the NCHE conference. It is by far the best history-related conference each year.
  • I had a great time in DC with NCHE. I left the conference with a few ready-to-use lesson plans, as well as some lesson creation ideas of my own. It was an inspiring couple of days!
  • I enjoy getting to visit historical cities and learn the back story for each of these. NCHE always chooses the best places to hold the conferences!
  • The people that attend NCHE make the conference great. We all love history and we all love to teach. It is inspiring. This conference recharges my battery instead of draining it.
  • This content focused professional development is by far the most beneficial experience I have received this year to further my career as a history teacher.
Visit the Conference Archive for more testimonials, conference programs, and handouts from previous conferences.


The National Council for History Education provides professional and intellectual leadership to foster an engaged community committed to the teaching, learning, and appreciation of diverse histories. Through historical inquiry, NCHE empowers learners to research and interpret the past.  Using History’s Habits of Mindour members investigate the past, engage in the present, and are empowered to shape the future.


INVESTIGATE - NCHE investigates the past using innovative approaches in interpreting, teaching, and learning history which foster curiosity, historical thinking, and creativity.


ENGAGE - NCHE engages and supports the diverse history education community with a professional network centered on collegiality, advocacy, and inclusivity.

NCHE empowers educators and students to interrogate and craft historical narratives through critical historical inquiry, giving voice to peoples in the past and present.