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November 8, 2016
"The Top 10 Considerations When Using Primary Sources with Grades 8-12"
by Lee Eysturlid

October 24, 2016
"Library of Congress: Professional Development Online Conference 2016"

October 18, 2016
"Compartmentalizing History"
by Christopher Brick

October 5, 2016
"Nurturing Historical Thinking in Fourth Graders"
Jeffrey Nokes

September 27, 2016
"Using Comic Books to Teach Twentieth Century History"
by Charles Flannagan and Christine Blackerby

September 20, 2016
"Our Summer with George"
by Jennifer Jaso and Tamara Purdin

September 13, 2016
"Using the Preamble to Commemorate Constitution Day"
by Beth Scarbrough

September 7, 2016
"Hands-On History: Using Primary Sources in the Elementary Classroom"
by Beth C. Haverkamp

August 30, 2016
"The 9/11 Museum Offers Resources for Teachers and Students"

August 23, 2016
"From Camps to Prisons: The Untold Story of Japanese Incarceration During World War Two"
by Sam Mihara

August 16, 2016
"Beware the Past as Present"
by Sheldon Stearn

August 9, 2016
"Navigating Stormy Seas"
by Bruce Lesh

July 26, 2016
"Five Questions about Geo-Inquiries"
by Chris Bunin

July 19, 2016
"Reflections on the American Presidency"
by David Kennedy

July 12, 2016
"Some of the Best Professional Development Opportunities for History Educators"
by Scott Roberts

July 5, 2016
Reprint:  "Ten Reasons that 1916 Was the Most Important Year of the First World War"
by Justin Quinn Olmstead

June 28, 2016
"Re-Placing the History Classroom: The Old and New of Local Study"
by Charles Elfer

June 21, 2016
"Are You A Time Traveler?"
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June 14, 2016
"History Learning and the History Museum"
by John L. Wright

June 7, 2016
"How to Use Images to Teach History"
by Edward T. O'Donnell

May 31, 2016
"History Does the Heavy Lifting"
by Nathan McAlister

May 24, 2016
"Using the Four-Person Summary"
by Linda Morse

May 17, 2016
"Using Textbooks for Quality History Instruction"
by Scott Roberts

May 10, 2016
"Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and the War on Poverty Lesson Plan"
by Chris Staysniak

May 3, 2016
"Building Community, Historical Inquiry, and Research: The 5E Book Club"
by Pamela Giberti and Lindsay Williams

April 26, 2016
"Why Study History"
by Paul Gagnon

April 19, 2016
"The Whaley House III: Recovering from the Unthinkable"
by Samantha M. Engel

April 12, 2016
"How I Get My History Nerd On"
by Jenny Fanelli

April 4, 2016
"The Night of Broken Glass"
by Jessica Davis

March 29, 2016
"Making the Most of Your Summer Vacation"
by Andy Mink

March 22, 2016
"The Reasons that 1916 was the Most Important Year of the First World War"
by Justin Quinn Olmstead

March 15, 2016
"Teacher as Scholar"
by Phil Nicolosi

March 8, 2016
"The Whaley House II"
by Samantha M. Engel

March 1, 2016
"History Soapbox"
by Antoinette Burton

February 23, 2016
"The Whaley House"
by Samantha M. Engel

February 16, 2016
"Damnatio Memoriae"
by Claire McCaffery Griffin

February 9, 2016
"Helping Students Engage in Meaningful Historic Inquiry"
by Matthew Missias

February 2, 2016
"Four Ways to Make Classroom Management Rich in Historic Content"
by Beth Scarbrough

January 26, 2016
"I Left High School Sure of One Thing"
by Joy Hakim

January 19, 2016
"Martin Luther King Jr. and History's Habits of Mind"
by Kristy Brugar

January 12, 2016
"The Resources I Wish I Had on the First Day as a History Teacher"
by Alisa Kesler-Lund

January 5, 2016

"Preparing Students for a Complex Marketplace of Ideas"
by Justin Jakovac