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Conversations About History For Everyone
with Joanne Freeman

August 13, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: Attack of the Amazon Women: Fears of Women and Political Power, 1789 Edition
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April 9, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: Contingency Matters
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April 16, 2020     10:00am EDT     Topic: Feelings...Nothing More Than Feelings
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April 23, 2020     10:00am EDT     Topic: Fouled Foundations 
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April 30, 2020     10:00am EDT     Topic: The Truth and Lies of Diaries
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May 7, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: Insights from the Everyday
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May 14, 2020     10:00am EDT     Topic: Being Persnickety with the Press Part One
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May 21, 2020     10:00am EDT     Topic: Being Persnickety with the Press Part Two
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May 28, 2020     10:00am EDT     Topic: Politics: It's Here, It's There, It's Everywhere
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June 4, 2020      10:00am EDT     Topic: "Nobody But a Regular Woman": Women and Resistance
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June 11, 2020      10:00am EDT     Topic: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"
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June 18, 2020      10:00am EDT     Topic: Hissings, Coughings, and Hootings: The Nature of Protest -- Past and Present
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June 25, 2020      10:00am EDT     Topic: Fanatical Mobs and Government Plots: The Power and Pull of Conspiracy Theories
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July 2, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: Hamilton and Hamilton: The Past, the Present, and How History Matters
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July 9, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: Fears of Foreign Influence (and a brief Hamilton debriefing)
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July 16, 2020     10:00am EDT     Topic: Picking a President: The Founders Had Thoughts
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July 23, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: Words Can Be Worth A Thousand Pictures: The Political Power of Words
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July 30, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: Queries, Questions, Thoughts, Ideas: A Conversation
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August 6, 2020       10:00am EDT     Topic: (Not) Talking About Slavery in Early America (Part of the NCHE Equity Summit)
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Conversations for Students
with Kenneth C. Davis

May 20, 2020     1:30pm EDT     Topic: More Deadly Than War: The Hidden History of the Spanish Flu and the First World War
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May 27, 2020     1:30pm EDT     Topic: In the Shadow of Liberty: The Hidden History of Slavery, Four Presidents, and Five Black Lives
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June 3, 2020      1:30pm EDT     Topic: Don’t Know Much About® Electing the President: What You Need to Know But Never Learned
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