Enrichment Excursions and Workshops

All Excursions will depart from and return to the Crystal Gateway Marriott.
Thursday, March 14th
An Unlikely Memorial: Ford's Theatre and the Lincoln Assassination - $35
Come to Ford’s Theatre to learn about the violent act that carried the United States from the Civil War into Reconstruction, the city block and buildings that hold its memory, and the conspiracy that nearly brought down the United States government. You will participate in a private tour of Ford’s Theatre, a reflective discussion and a theatrical walking tour, led by the police detective who was tasked with investigating the conspiracy. Expect to walk about two miles on city streets, and dress for both indoor and outdoor weather.
Tour departs at 7:15 AM and returns at 1:15 PM  (Attendees will travel by Metro.)
George Washington's Mount Vernon - Sold Out!
Come to Mount Vernon to explore a variety of historical sources related to George Washington’s life, including his estate, considered by many to be the autobiography he never wrote.  Participants will get special access to the new Be Washington Theater, an interactive experience where guests have the opportunity to step into George Washington’s shoes and make decisions based on the circumstances he faced during the presidency and in wartime. Also, guests will get the rare opportunity to receive a fully-guided experience of the Mansion and Grounds, before finally taking part in an education teacher workshop and document viewing highlighting diverse primary sources to bring back to your classroom. 
Tour departs at 7:45 AM and returns at 12:30 PM  (Attendees will travel by Bus.)
National Museum of African American History and Culture - $25
Come experience the only national museum devoted to telling the American story through the African American lens. With five floors of inspiring and intellectually stimulating exhibitions, the NMAAHC brings the African American experience to life through artifacts, media, and stories of resiliency in the face of oppression.  At the beginning of the excursion, visitors will meet with Education Staff for an overview to include history of the museum and information about teaching resources.  After the opening greetings, attendees will have an opportunity to explore the museum through a self-guided tour.  The tour cost is to cover transportation only.   
Tour departs at 8:00 AM and returns at 12:00 PM  (Attendees will travel by Bus.)

The National Portrait Gallery - $30
Be inspired to use portraiture in your classroom. No matter what subject -- social studies, English, or visual arts – you will learn and practice techniques to involve your students in creative and innovative ways. The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery tells the multifaceted story of America through the individuals who have shaped its culture. Through the visual arts, performing arts and new media, the Portrait Gallery portrays poets and presidents, visionaries and villains, actors and activists whose lives tell the American story. By using portraiture as a springboard into deeper discussions about biography and our collective history, the Portrait Gallery strives to create an unprecedented experience for teachers as we gain a glimpse into the past and examine portraiture of the present. This workshop will take a broad look at the museum’s collection. Teachers will learn key close-looking strategies, such as the 30-Second Look, Compare and Contrast, and Unveiling Stories, to engage students in analyzing portraits. By using portraiture to teach critical thinking skills, teachers will translate the strategies presented seamlessly into the classroom.   
Tour departs at 8:15 AM and returns at 12:00 PM  (Attendees will travel by Metro.)
The Library of Congress - $25
Come visit the Library of Congress and take a tour of the historic Jefferson Building.  Then, meet with education specialists for a hands-on workshop where you'll learn how to access and use millions of freely available, digitized primary sources from the Library's collections with your students.  The Library of Congress will not be charging anything for this enrichment experience, and all digitized primary sources you wish to use later are also freely available!  The tour cost is to cover transportation only.   
Tour departs at 8:15 AM and returns at 12:30 PM  (Attendees will travel by Bus.)
The National Archives - Sold Out!
Join us for a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the National Archives to explore the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and many other treasures the museum has to offer. The staff-led tour will begin on the private side of the building, where visitors will gain insight into the process of research, preservation and document storage at the Archives. This will include a look at National Archives research facilities and resources, as well as a tour of the stacks where documents are stored. From there, visitors will travel to the public side of the building to learn about the history of the Archives and see the Charters of Freedom housed in the Rotunda. Finally, visitors will see the 1297 Magna Carta and the featured documents in the Archives Public Vaults.
Group departs at 12:45 PM and returns at 4:00 PM  (Attendees will travel by Metro.)
Using DBQs to Engage Students in Authentic Historical Inquiry - $25
The DBQ Project was created to help teachers help students at ALL grade levels read with understanding, think straight, and write clearly. Our engaging questions and use of primary and secondary sources give students the opportunity to investigate history from a variety of perspectives, and supports discussion and debate as students clarify their own ideas and write evidence-based arguments. Highlighting a unit from both our American and World history materials, participants will gain a solid overview of The DBQ Project materials and understand how our resources and pedagogy aligns with the current shifts in history education. The DBQ Online platform will also be used to show how technology can support deep historical thinking.  Presented by Chip Brady.  
Workshop starts at 1:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM  (Workshop is at the Marriott.)
The Newseum: The Civil Rights Movement and the 1st Amendment - Sold Out!
Explore how people exercised the power of the First Amendment to fight segregation during a workshop and tour at the Newseum. Our Making a Change: The Civil Rights Movement and the First Amendment workshop invites participants to look at the era from a different angle:  How did activists use the five freedoms to achieve their goals? How did Martin Luther King Jr. harness the power of the news media? View a Newseum-made documentary based on primary sources, and get resources and strategies that bridge the gap between social movements then and now. Then, take a guided tour of Newseum highlights that includes a stop at the “Make Some Noise” gallery, which looks at how young people fought segregation in the 1960s. 
Tour departs at 1:15 PM and returns at 5:00 PM  (Attendees will travel by Metro.)

Building a World History Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities - $25
World History is a dynamic and complex field of study. Even for veteran teachers, it can be difficult to navigate thousands of years of history, illuminate cross-cultural encounters, and still address issues of skill development. NCHE is proud to present a panel of scholars and practitioners to discuss how to construct a World History curriculum that is both meaningful for students and feasible for teachers. Panelists will examine the origins of the field and its foundational texts before moving into the current state of the discipline. Emphasis will be placed on devising strategies to help students think about topics such as periodization, scale, contextualization, and connectivity. The “workshop” format encourages conversation amongst participants and resources will be made available to help people hit the ground running in the design of their course. 
Panel starts at 2:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM  (Panel is at the Marriott.)
The Monumental City: Washington, DC at Night - Sold Out!
Join us for a special night tour of Washington’s monuments. This three hour tour features step offs at most of D.C.’s most prominent monuments, including the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean, World War II, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, and National Marine (Iwo Jima) Memorials.  The design and content of the memorials often tell as much about the time of their establishment as they tell of the event or person they are memorializing. The tour will include the range of Washington history, from its creation and design to the evolving street plan. Attendees will also drive the main streets of Washington to view the White House, Capitol, and the museums along the National Mall. There will be ample photo opportunities to share with your students. ?Veteran tour guide Dr. Rich Loosbrock, Professor of History and Department Chair at Adams State University, Colorado, will lead this.  Loosbrock has done more than two dozen extended field trip tours for Teaching American History grant tours of Washington, and this tour will provide first time visitors a solid overview of the city. He is the author of History Channel’s “This Day in Civil War History.”
Tour departs at 6:00 PM and returns at 9:30 PM  (Attendees will travel by Bus.)

Saturday, March 16th
Following in the Footsteps of Suffragists - $25
On March 3, 1913, thousands paraded from the U.S. Capitol to the Treasury Building in support of the decades-long fight to gain women the right to vote. Organized by Alice Paul, the parade was a grand spectacle of floats, marching bands, and mounted brigades. However, the parade was marred by violence perpetrated by a mostly male crowd who reportedly tripped, shoved, and grabbed marching women. Over 200 people were injured with the police allegedly doing little to quell the unrest. Join us as we follow in the footsteps of this seminal parade, which is long-credited for being the tipping point that led to the passing of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. 
We will start at Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, the newly minted national monument that houses the National Woman’s Party. We will walk the parade route, before ending at Lafayette Square where suffragists planned and picketed in front of the White House.
This tour will consist of about a mile-and-a-half worth of walking, so please dress for the weather, bring water, and wear appropriate shoes. 
Tour departs at 3:15 PM and returns at 7:00 PM  (Attendees will travel by Metro.)
Historic Congressional Cemetery - $25
Historic Congressional Cemetery dates from the days when Washington, DC, was a new city on the edge of a malarial swamp. The stones—sandstone tablets with colonial calligraphy, ornate Victorian statues, 20th-century art nouveau carvings, and contemporary markers in shapes as strange as library cards and accordions—are a time line of the city. The most distinctive stones are 171 cenotaphs; large cubes designed by Capitol architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe from the same sandstone used in the Capitol. They are found nowhere else. The men and women buried under those stones led lives of beauty, courage, struggle, cunning, leadership, and humor—in short, the stories of American history.
This tour will consist of about a mile-and-a-half worth of walking over often-uneven ground, so please dress for the weather, bring water, and wear appropriate shoes. 
Tour departs at 3:30PM and returns at 7:00 PM  (Attendees will travel by Metro.)

There are numerous museums and historical sites in and around Washington, DC. 
NCHE is only able to offer a limited number of Enrichment Excursions, and these in-depth tours
are an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge base.  However, we encourage you
to consider visiting these other sites. 

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