Paul A. Gagnon Prize

In Memory of Paul Gagnon

Paul Gagnon was the first Executive Director of NCHE, after having served as Chief of Staff, Editor, and Principal Investigator for our predecessor organization, the Bradley Commission on History in Schools. Paul loved and respected history teachers, identifying their work as essential to the maintenance of a democratic society. He was adamant that all students have the opportunity to learn the story of their country and the world. He fought tirelessly for standards and frameworks for history that identified a core of history that could be taught in the time available and cautioned against curricula that are too encyclopedic to be taught, or too vague for students to understand.

The Paul Gagnon Memorial Fund supports an annual Paul A. Gagnon Prize, which seeks to encourage two of Paul's cherished interests: continuing scholarship on the part of K-12 history teachers; and, the promotion and protection of history education in the K-12 curricula, state and/or local.

How to contribute to the Paul Gagnon Memorial Fund

NCHE has set aside funds to administer the Prize and welcomes contributions that wish to join us in honoring Paul's memory. Make checks payable to NCHE and write "Gagnon Prize" on the memo line. Send to: Gagnon Prize, NCHE, 13940 Cedar Road #393, University Heights, OH  44118; if you want to put your contribution on a credit card, just call the NCHE office: 240-696-6600.

Apply for the Paul A. Gagnon Prize

The 2019 Paul A. Gagnon Prize will be presented to either a K-12 history teacher who exhibits exceptional historical scholarship or an individual or group that has made a significant contribution to the promotion of history education. Application deadline is December 7, 2018 and the NCHE Office will notify the winner by January 7, 2019.

List of Past Gagnon Prize Recipients

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