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Have You Checked Out DBQuest from iCivics?

by Emma Humphries, Ph.D.
Chief Education Officer, iCivics

DBQuest introduces students to major questions in civics and history and builds evidence-based reasoning skills. For each topic, students are given a Big Question as a guiding light to shine on the three selected primary source documents. Each document challenges students to dig into the text itself and find the relevant information through supporting questions. Students and their teachers will be able to select between two modes – guided and freeform. The guided experience provides scaffolding through out the tool, while free form gives the student the tools without the additional assistance. Both allow students to produce a thoughtful analysis of the resources provided. 

The tool takes students through the same 4-steps for each source:
1.     Review the document to determine perspective and impact
2.     Analyze the text and visual elements for relevant evidence 
3.     Address the supporting questions based on this evidence in their own words
4.     Summarize their findings into a response to the Big Question
iCivics currently offers four topical modules for DBQuest: Founding Preambles, The Constitution's Cover Letter, Branching Out: The Louisiana Purchase, and The Nashville Sit-In Movement.
And be sure to take advantage of the on-demand professional learning video resources linked from the bottom of the DBQuest product page, as well as an online, asynchronous course. DBQuest and all related professional learning resources are FREE thanks to funding from the Library of Congress. Email for more information or to register for the three-hour online course.

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