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New for Your History Classroom:
Students can "Be Washington"‚Äč

In this new interactive game from Mount Vernon, high school students are presented with leadership challenges that George Washington confronted as president and general. Foundational decisions that shaped our nation unfold in four, 15-minute scenarios that make use of engaging live-action scenes and leading historical scholarship. 

Players hear from Washington's trusted advisers, analyze their recommendations, then make a decision on a course of action. Each scenario utilizes primary sources and dramatization to expose students to multiple perspectives on 18th-century history topics including the Whiskey Rebellion and the Genet Affair.

Scenarios can be played as a group or in single-player mode. The interactive game is currently available to stream and will be available for download from app stores soon. 

For lesson plans, video tutorials, additional background information, and to play Be Washington, visit: 

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