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Greetings! Thank you for reading the November issue of History Matters! The theme for this issue is Migration and Demographics, a timely subject for exploration that has both contemporary and historical relevance. This month we feature two articles to assist teachers as they navigate this important set of topics. The first article, written by Kelsey Evans-Amalu, Allison Sheridan, and William B. Russell III, describes the potential pedagogical use of “value clarification” as it intersects with the study of immigration, past and present. The authors work to explain this concept to the reader and then offer a lesson idea which focuses on the following central question: “Does current immigration policy in the United States reflect the attitudes and beliefs of the American People? Why or Why Not?”

In the second article, film-maker and historian George Colburn and teacher Alexis Lecznar, describe a project that they are developing called Exploring Immigration. This free module-based program consists of a seven part web-based video series offering lesson plans for exploring immigration in the United States. Exploring Immigration will offer teachers of social studies in grades 7 - 12 with lesson plans focusing on the historical, economic, political, and geographic concepts associated with this important topic.
As always, we warmly invite you all to submit your own articles or lesson ideas for future issues of History Matters! If you have strategies, methods, or plans that could be useful for K-16 history teachers please consider submitting them to Scott Roberts ( and/or Charles Elfer ( The themes for the remainder of the year are provided below:
  • December: Economic Transformation
  • January: The Arts and Cultural Expression
  • February: Technology and Progress
  • March: Religion and Public Life
  • April: Philosophies and Ideologies
  • May: Family and Gender
  • June: Globalization and Human Rights
Thanks again for your readership and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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