History Matters Volume 26


September 2013

"Compartmentalizing History"
by Christopher Brick

"Teaching Interwar Intersections Through Analysis of Visual Materials"           by Kristy Brugar

"Navigating Stormy Seas"
by Bruce Lesh


October 2013

"Reconstruction: America's First Progressive Era
by Douglas Egerton     

"Bridging the American Civil War and Reconstruction with Photographs"
by Andrew Dangel

"The Common Core from 30,000 Feet"
by Jim Cameron

November 2013

"Why New Mexico Matters"
by Tom Connors

"The Truth Before Brown V. Board of Education"
by Millicent Brown

"U.S. Civil Rights Oral History"
by Lucinda Evans

"National History Day"
by Lynne O'Hara

December 2013

"NCHE, C3, and the Importance of History in the Schools"
by Fritz Fischer

"Historical Thinking: The Highest Form of Civic Action"
by Sarah Drake Brown

"History Paralysis"                                                           
by Will Fitzhugh


January 2014

"Why Study History?"
by Paul Gagnon

"Unpacking Andrew Jackson's Common Man in Two Documents"
by Sean Adams

"The Underground Railroad and Black History Beyond our Borders"
by Tina Storer

"Legislating Curriculum"
by Nathan McAlister

"Artifacts Teach"
by William Virden
February 2014

"Citizenship Schools and the Civil Rights Movement"
by Laura Westhoff

"Let's Resurrect History's Habits of Mind"
by Joan Musbach


March 2014

"Considering Multiple Perspectives and Reverse Immigration when Teaching the American Revolution"
by Tina Storer

"Artifacts and Process: Effective Classroom Practice"
by William Virden

"The Civil War Trust Launches the Teacher's Regiment"
by James Percoco

"Twenty Reasons why High School Students are Getting Less History Instruction than Students Did Ten Years Ago"
by Jim Buxton

April 2014

"A Historical Review of John Dewey and Thomas Jefferson's Educational Views"
by David Landers

"Review: Carol Berkin's Wondrous Beauty"
by Beth Scarbrough

"Books that Truly Matter: A Personal View"
by Keith Wheelock


May 2014

"Help Students Make the Most of their Visit to the Museum"
by Lisa Gilbert

"Historical Thinking Equals Creating the Story from Evidence"
by Jenny Fanelli

"Do You Speak History?"
by Flannery Burke

"Perfecting the Argument: How Common Core Standards Can 
Improve Writing
by Andrew Dangel
June 2014

"Advanced Placement History: A Focus on Historical Thinking Skills"
by Lawrence Charap          

"The Chronozoom Project"
by Kimberly Ann Hirsch