History Matters Volume 27


September 2014

"Connecting 21st Century Learners with Living History"
by Theodore D.R. Green

"American History: Virtual Field Trip Style"
by Dale Van Eck

"Those Who Do Not Study the Past are Condemned to Repeat It"
by Phil Nicolosi

"Breaking News: American Students are Ignorant of Current Events and American History!"
by Bruce Lesh

October 2014

"The Post-TAH Future: Constrained Horizons or a Landscape of Possibilities"
by Kristy Brugar and David Wrobel


November 2014

"The Great Red Scare"
by Allan Damon

"National History Club"
by Robert Nasson

December 2014

"The NCHE, Globalization, and United States History"
by Craig Perrier

"The Mississippi Delta: The Most Southern Place on Earth"
by Luther Brown

January 2015

"The Magna Carta at 800"
by Tiffany Middleton

"What if... You Taught History with a Touch of Innovation?"
by Paula Gangopadhyay

"Gilded and Progressive in Chicago"
by Robert Johnston


February 2015

"New Perspectives to the War on Poverty"
by Chris Staysniak

"Reading Activity: The Great Society"
by Jennifer Staysniak

"History Matters for Even More Reasons than You Might Suspect"
by David Klemm

"What NCHE Means to Me"
by Laura Wakefield


March 2015

"The Plucky Portrait Gallery"
by Briana Zavadil-White

"Preparing the Next Generation: Four Reason to Use GIS in the History Classroom"
by Chris Bunin

"Remembering and Teaching Lincoln: the 150th Anniversary of his Assassination"
by Michael Madeja

April 2015

"2015 Conference Keynote: Michael Francis"

"Teaching About the Klondike Gold Rush"
by Tina Storer


May 2015

"2015 Conference Keynote: Joanne Freeman"

"Digging into Civil War History"
by Tom Reed


June 2015

"2015 Conference Keynote: Cokie Roberts"

"Louis Riel: Canada's Rebel, Madman, or Prophet of Justice?"
by Tina Storer