History Matters Volume 28


September 2015

"From Camps to Prisons: The Untold Story of the Japanese Incarceration during World War II"
Sam Mihara

"Analogical Thinking in Historical Studies"
Chris Edwards

Advanced Placement United States History: Update
Ted Dickson


October 2015

"Nurturing Historical Thinking in Fourth Graders: Some Personal Reflections"
Jeffery Nokes

"Snug Harbor Cultural Center"
Christine Szeluga

"The Top Ten Considerations When Using Primary Sources with Grades 8-12"
Lee Eysturlid

"An Endless Argument"
Byron Hollinshead

November 2015

"There's an App for That"
Brian Carlin

"Connecting Time, Place, and Space through Dynamic Web Mapping"
Joseph Kerski


December 2015

"Divided Memories: Using International Textbooks to Teach About Perspective, Bias, and Historical Memory"
Rylan Sekiguchi

"Divided Memories: Classroom Exercises"
Rylan Sekiguchi

"How I Get My History Nerd On"
Jenny Fanelli

"Why History Teachers Should Continue to Study History"
John Fea

January 2016

"Getting Students Talking"
Kristy Brugar

"Geoinquiries for U.S. History: Five Questions and Answers"
Chris Bunin

"Preparing Students for a Complex Marketplace of Ideas"
Justin Jakovac

February 2016

"Norway and the Holocaust"
Kyle Ward

"History's Habits of Mind on HSTRY"
Claire Varner

"Damnatio Memoriae"
Claire McCaffery Griffin

March 2016

"An Antidote to Retrospective Determinism"
Fredrik Logevall

"The Colloquium Model: Perspectives from NCHE Team Members"
Melissa Mitchell

"Teacher as Scholar"
Phil Nicolosi
April 2016

"Nonviolent Coexistence or Violent Coannihilation? Dr. Martin Luther King, De Facto Segregation, and their Contemporary Relevance"
Michael Butler

"A Message for Posterity: Thinking About Epitaphs"
Thomas G. Connors

"The Whaley House III: Recovering from the Unthinkable"
Samantha Engel

May 2016

"2016 Teacher of the Year Ceremony"
Dean Pinos

"History Does the Heavy Lifting"
Nathan McAlister

June 2016

"How to Use Images to Teach History"
Ed O'Donnell