History Matters Volume 31

June 2019

PDF of May 2019 Issue History Matters!

May 2019

PDF of May 2019 Issue History Matters!

Fathoming the Holocaust Through Historical Empathy
by Alex d’Erizans and  Anthony Pellegrino
Council Spotlight:  New Jersey 
By Greg Matlosz

Reflection:  Reagan Institute Summit on Education (RISE)
By Todd Wigginton

Book Review: The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South By Michael W. Twitty   Reviewed by Stacey Kerr

2019 NCHE Conference Reflection
By Rebecca Gomez

April 2019

PDF of April  2019 Issue History Matters!

2019 Conference Highlights

Federal Support for K-12 History Education 
by Lee White

Book Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century 
by Emmett V. Wilson

Council Spotlight: Missouri
by Joan Musbach

March 2019

PDF of March 2019 Issue History Matters!

Opinion: "Woodrow Wilson Foundation Finds Only One State Can Pass U.S. Citizenship Exam"
by Claire McCaffery Griffin, member NCHE Board of Directors

"As It Was In the Beginning": Teaching the History of Medieval Religion in a Time of Faith-Based Conflict
by Yvonne Seale, SUNY Geneseo  

Council Spotlight: Florida
by Tammara Purdin and Jennifer H. Jaso

Book Review: Why Learn History (when it's already on your phone)?
by Lindsey Fisher, Fairfax County, Virginia

Teaching Tools: DbQuest from iCivics
by Emma Humphries, iCivics

February 2019

PDF of February 2019 Issue History Matters!

From a Historian: "Swords into Ploughshares: How American Military Aircraft Became Civilian Passenger Planes"
by W. Bernard Carlson, University of Virginia

"Teaching Swords into Ploughshares"
by Shannon McLean, Irondale High School, New Brighton, Minnesota

Pedagogy Purpose: "Notes at NASA"
by Sarah Drake Brown, Ball State University

"The Power of Place: Experiential Learning at the Monticello Teacher Institute"
by Kenneth A. Blum, Oak Grove Elementary, Peachtree City, Georgia

January 2019
PDF of January 2019 issue History Matters!

Introduction of new Interim Executive Director

Using Music from the Past Century as a Primary Source in the U.S. History Classroom"
by Sarah J. Kaka and Christopher Dobeck, Ohio Wesleyan University

December 2018

PDF of December 2018 issue History Matters!
November 2018
PDF of November 2018 History Matters!

Straddling Borders: Using Value Clarification to Teach United States’ Immigration Policy 
by Kelsey Evans-Amalu, Allison Sheridan and Dr. William B. Russell III
University of Central Florida

Exploring Immigration
by George Colburn, Contemporary Learning Systems
and Alexis Lecznar, Parcelles Middle School, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

October  2018

A Note from the Editors
by Charles Elfer, Clayton State University (GA)
by Scott Roberts, Central Michigan University

From Novgorod to Timbuktu: Using Augmented Learning to Teach World History Students about Exchange Networks
by Jennifer Weible, Central Michigan University
and Lindsey Fisher, McLean High School, Fairfax County Public Schools, VA

No Me Puede Arrestar Por Nada (You can not arrest me for nothing): Using Film to Investigate the Lasting Consequences of Westward “Expansion” in the Early 19th Century
by Timothy Monreal, University of South Carolina

September 2018

A Note from the Editors
by Charles Elfer, Clayton State University (GA)
by Scott Roberts, Central Michigan University

Historicizing Confederate Memorials through Disciplinary Literacy and Historical Inquiry
by John H. Bickford, III
Eastern Illinois University

Who Decides What History Our Students Learn?
by Margaret S. Crocco, Anne-Lise Halvorsen, Avner Segall, and Erin Bronstein
Michigan State University



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