OAH Amplified: Teacher Resources

In 2018, NCHE partnered with the Organization of American Historians on the OAH’s Amplified Initiative. The goal of this project was to provide teachers with access to OAH Annual Meeting sessions and to demonstrate how these sessions might be useful resources for teachers in their classrooms. In addition to providing session summaries and connections to history’s Habits of Mind, NCHE provided suggested resources for classroom use and inquiry/discussion questions aligned with the selected sessions.  The OAH session topics summarized include Alexander Hamilton (What did I miss?), Women’s history in the public realm (Where are the Fun Girls?), the debate over Confederate monuments, the Civil Rights Movement (SNCC Digital Gateway), and Slavery (Forms of Freedom). 

Contributors: Shannon McLean, Lisa Smith, Kevin Levin, Laura Wakefield, and Sarah Drake Brown

Where Are the Fun Girls? (pdf)

What Did I Miss? (pdf)

Confederate Monuments (pdf)

Forms of Freedom (pdf)

SNCC Digital Gateway (pdf)

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