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Teacher Professional Development

NCHE professional development is custom-tailored to your needs. Our colloquia are led by a team of experts that includes an academic historian, a master classroom teacher, and an instructional specialist. Team members create their sessions with attention to NCHE's Habits of Mind as they help teachers consider the question “How do we study history?”

We offer:
History Colloquia (2 & 3-day)
History Academy (5+ days)
State Council Partnerships (conferences, workshops, and in-services)
Consultants (grant/curriculum writing, assessment,etc) 
Teacher Professional Development seminars in History 
The Colloquium Model was pioneered, researched, and successfully executed by NCHE in 12 states and 21 Colloquia with over 1,000 teachers, under a grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) beginning in 1993. NCHE's Colloquium model, its Vital Themes and Narratives, and History's Habits of the Mind were created based on research illustrating best practices in content-specific professional development.

From 2001-2013 NCHE delivered hundreds of multi-day workshops as a primary partner on Teaching American History grants serving 80 LEA's in 30 states. 

Since 2016, NCHE has been engaged with the Library of Congress as a member of the Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium, which includes delivery of webinars and colloquia related to Technology's Impact in American History. 

The National Council for History Education is also a primary service provider for summer professional development for Congressional and Presidential Academies.

Why Partner with NCHE?
We custom tailor professional development to the needs of teachers. Our membership provides a large network of noted historians, master classroom teachers, learning/curriculum specialists to provide your teachers a unique and exciting professional development experience. NCHE continually serves history educators and is governed by a Board of Directors that includes a wide group of individuals united by their passion for history education. 

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About NCHE

The National Council for History Education promotes historical literacy by creating opportunities for teachers and students to benefit from more history, better taught.